Friday, October 5, 2012


Here are a few I took

The connector to the car is on the left here, under all that white (clear) silicone. At the top of this picture (the orange crystal resonator) is the RBBB Arduino board. The large green board is the Saablin balanced audio converter (the TC962EPC is on the other side of this board), and the bluetooth receiver is on the right at an angle. The connector on the right is simply the 6 pin FTDI programming port off of the RBBB board so I don't have to open it up every time I want to change the software.
This view is the opposite angle, trying to view the Secuduino board on the very bottom.
Here is the entire module installed in the car, using a velcro strap to attach the box to that black tube along the driver's side trunk. This is normally where the CD changer would be anyway, so there's plenty of room here. All hidden away behind the trunk carpet!

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