Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Logitech Bluetooth adapter added!

I was able to purchase the Logitech Bluetooth speaker adapter on Amazon through the goldbox deal; got it for $26 shipped! Tested it out, and it has great sound. I guess you get what you pay for...those chinese bluetooth streaming adapters are garbage.

I gutted the logitech and removed the 3 plugs off the motherboard (power, dual RCA, and 3.5mm). I then wired the 5v regulator from the BlueSaab board to the logitech for power, a ground wire, and then I spliced into the audio in wiring, keeping the BlueSaab board constantly connected to iPod input, but now there's a connector that attaches the logitech inputs. So basically I can disconnect the logitech board and it won't have any affect on the current capabilities/connections of the BlueSaab module.

This new board fits into the box I'm using; it's almost too perfect :)

The logitech has a button on it to initialize sync mode; So basically it works like this: if you have never connected a device to the logitech before, you HAVE to press this button to put it in sync mode. After you've synced a device to it, you never have to press that button again to connect the same device to it. If you want to connect a new device to the logitech, you'll have to pop the cover off and hit this sync button. I don't think I'll be syncing that many devices to the logitech, so I opted not to put a hole/button in the case housing just for this feature.


  1. Hey there, have you considered making and selling your aux unit? the only other way to get an aux input with the stock stereo is the cdconnect from sweden or this. if it were priced competitively you'd have a sellout! and i would totally buy one.

  2. I have thought about selling them, but there's still DIY work to do on the buyer's part, and the market for them isn't too big...

  3. Hello, I know I'm quite late to the party, but I'm very interested in this project.

    Any updates please?

    Surly there are other solutions out there, but nothing beats the satisfaction of DIY (and the chance to work with Arduino). :)

    I have a Saab and would like to build this project too.