Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Module Differences

I thought I would explain some differences in the 2 modules I'm working on.

1- 3.5mm input version

This version accepts input from any 3.5mm (1/8") stereo plug such as iPod, iPhone, Android, whatever. You can even plug in a Bluetooth audio receiver that has a 3.5mm plug on it & then you can stream from an iPhone or Android to this device.

This version also supports iPhone music controls via the steering wheel controls; play/pause, next track, & previous track. BUT this requires that you run another wire (maybe 2?) from this module to the iPhone, to a 30 pin iPod connector. Yes, you can use a 30 pin to Lightning cable adapter & it will work for iPhone 5.

Being that this module plugs into the trunk mounted cd changer plug, you'll need to route this cable/cables from the trunk to the front if the car, along the door sill & under the carpet, behind the dash, etc. Not terribly hard, just takes a little time. I suggest either a 25' 3.5mm stereo male to male cable for audio only, or maybe an Ethernet cable for audio & iPod controls.

This version is not "upgradable" to version 2; the guts are completely different with different PCBs.

2- Bluetooth version (still in work, but this is how it should work)

This version doesn't require any wires to be run at all; the audio is wireless, and the iPhone/Android controls are wireless. The steering wheel controls will control next & previous tracks, and at this point, maybe Bluetooth syncing or power toggle, not sure yet; just a matter of software.

Both modules will display a string of up to 12 characters from the lower ASCII table (up to character 128 I think...?), whenever the radio is put into cd changer mode.

As of now, and I don't have any plans to do this, there isn't a combo board, that allows either 3.5mm or Bluetooth in one module (unless you just want to plug a Bluetooth receiver into the 3.5mm jack).


  1. The bluetooth version is something i would like to buy very much.
    If there was some way to include song name/artist, that would be very cool, but I understand that there have been some difficulties with showing text on the sid and also that time is as always, limited.

    Anyway, I really look forward to seeing how this project progresses and I wish you good luck :)


  2. Yes, the Bluetooth version is definitely interesting. If you ever going to sell it I`d like to buy one.
    For me it is not that important to have the track info on the SID - if you can make the wheel controls to work that is enough for me.

    I`m also interested to buy the thing in a kit - I can assemble it if I`ve got every part and some instructions. :)

    So keep working on this already great stuff.


  3. After visiting this site again i have to agree with Györke, track information isn't really that important at all, bluetooth steering wheel controls is really all you "need".