Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New bluetooth module; RN52

So I've been working with a buddy (Karlis) about getting a better working module. He's determined that the BC05B module I was using isn't a very good module. It's a total PITA to work with, and has very limited documentation.

He suggested that we go with a RN52 module by Microchip.

He's done a lot of testing, and I've laid out a new pcb for that module.

Karlis has also done extensive testing and determined that the CANBUS code had a lot of bugs in it, which he's kindly fixed; Thanks Karlis!!

Prototypes are being built, then tested, then should be released for everyone else to use :)


  1. Excellent Willis, looking forward to enabling on my og 9-3 coupe soon!!

  2. I think I had a discussion about the RN52 when I first was looking into adding Bluetooth in with you....

    1. Sorry Scott, seems you were right...the BC05B was just too much of a pita to work with. So RN52 it is!

  3. Any updates on this? Looking forward to hearing what you've come up with!

  4. I'm also interested in this project. What's the latest update on the RN52 integration?

  5. Also interested and would probably buy one if you decide to sell them. My girlfriend has been wanting bluetooth on her 9-5 stock stereo for ages and I'm just not interested enough to be honest, I'm more of a saab 99/900 guy.