Sunday, June 2, 2013


I think this module is compatible with the following series:
1998 - 2002 9-3
1998 - 2003 9-3 convertible
1998 - 2005 9-5

Don't hold me to those for sure, especially the 9-5 series; I'm a 9-3 guy :)


  1. Hey Willis, I'm over in the UK and I've been looking for ages on a solution to swapping out my CD changer in my 2005 9-5 and this looks like the ideal low cost solution!

    I'd be really interested in buying one of your units, I am totally OK with wiring the unit in just let me know how how I can get one :).


  2. Do you know if this Aux kit with the Bluetooth can work on a 2004 9-3? Can you rig it to make/accept bluetooth calls?


  3. Willis,

    I suspect that your design would do exactly what I need for my 2003 Saab 9.3(old model) but I find it a little difficult to understand your unit. Can you explain it in simple terms and would you consider creating a kit with plug and play potential like some of the other aux in adaptor kits available with a blind saab switch integrating the input jack? It would be much less daunting to install.


    1. Nicola, what part do yo want me to explain further? This module simply talks to car via I-Bus (CANBUS) and tells the car there is a cd changer playing. So pressing the CD button on your dash twice switches the radio to the aux unit. The aux unit has audio from your iPod or whatever and it plays through the radio.

      I am currently working on a more plug N play version....

    2. Thanks Willis.I suppose I didn't quite understand whetehr it was an alternate option on aux in to the kits from Saab aux or whetehr it also offers Bluetooth handsfree for iphone. I'm guessing now that with mic etc then it doesn't do phone. The plug and play is good for someone like me who doesn't often get involved with wiring.

    3. I don't know much about Saab's aux unit for the 2003 series; I think you had to buy a harness & have a Tech2 to enable the aux. my module is nothing like that. So if your car has the factory option for aux, this thing probably won't work in your car. You're also correct, this module is not for Bluetooth phone calls. You need a separate device for that.

    4. Just buy a parrot and hook it up to your original or any car system. And you should be able to use Bluetooth and aux and

    5. I have a Parrot system; the audio is atrocious. Not only that, but the audio from it only comes out through the front 2 dash speakers, and it's not stereo audio; it's mono out both channels (at least with the CK3000Evo Kit I have).