Sunday, June 2, 2013

For sale?

I'm curious to see how many people would be interested in buying one of these units for $100, shipping included, and you would get to customize your SID text (12 characters max)!

I would include the Radio Shack connector, CU3242MB case, and it would pretty much be ready to go, just need installed. It's not exactly plug-n-play though; obviously you would need to cut off your CD Changer connector & replace it with the radio shack connector. Also, the way I've been doing these is putting a RJ45 female on the audio in (from ipod/mp3/whatever) and ipod control lines (5 total wires), and then making another female RJ45 to 3.5mm (or an ipod breakout connector if you want ipod control). I would leave that end up to you. This would allow you to get any old ethernet/CAT5 cable laying around and route it under your trim panels from the trunk to the front of the car. Then you can decide how/where you want your input to be at.

A LOT of this "kit" would be custom, BY YOU. I would only supply the Aux-In unit.

What do you think??


  1. Besides virtually creating an AUX input w/ Bluetooth capabilities. Can you add a microphone receiver to make it a complete blutooth car kit upgrade with the steering wheel controls on a 2004 9-3?

  2. I don't know anything about the '03+ models and the electronics in those, sorry.

  3. I'd be very interested, but as I live in Germany it's maybe better trying to build it myself. I do have an unemployed arduino lying around, so I'm going to read through your blog but I might come back to you with a few questions. It's the non bluetooth version I'm interested in.

    Thank you very much for starting this!

  4. i would love for my 04 9-3, i think it will work... where can i buy?